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Lawsuit Over Food Stamp Benefit Delays Caused by UHIP Computer Debacle Finally Ends

Posted: Oct 17, 2019 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Rights of the Poor Due Process

The ACLU of RI's almost three-year-old lawsuit that challenged the widespread failure of the state Department of Human Services to timely provide SNAP food stamp benefits to needy families has finally concluded.

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ACLU in Court Thursday, October 10, to Secure Warrant Protections for Private Health Information

Posted: Oct 09, 2019 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Rights of the Disabled Privacy The "War on Drugs"

The ACLU will be in court on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 9:30am to argue that the federal government must obtain a warrant before accessing the private health information in New Hampshire’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

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ACLU Objects to Proposed Limits on Public Comment at Narragansett Town Council Meetings

Posted: Oct 07, 2019 |Category: Free Speech Open Government

The ACLU of Rhode Island has raised First Amendment concerns about a proposed ordinance that could lead to the ousting of residents who make "personal remarks" or "become boisterous" during the public comment period at Narragansett Town Council meetings.

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Settlement Reached in Discrimination Suit Against Newport Grand Casino

Posted: Oct 02, 2019 |Category: Active Case Discrimination Gender Discrimination Women's Rights Workplace Rights

The ACLU today announced the settlement of a discrimination lawsuit filed last year against the now-closed Newport Grand on behalf of Paula Borrelli, a female employee who, for years, was paid less than a younger male employee performing the exact same duties in the same position.

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ACLU of RI Resolves First Amendment Lawsuit Over State’s Discrimination Against Non-Fiction Authors

Posted: Sep 24, 2019 |Category: Active Case Free Speech

The ACLU today announced the favorable resolution of a lawsuit challenging the RI Division of Taxation’s position that a sales tax exemption for RI authors applied only to works of fiction, because non-fiction was not deemed “creative and original.”

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Court Orders Federal Government to Release Man Likely to Be Tortured If Returned to His Country

Posted: Sep 18, 2019 |Category: Criminal Justice Fair Administration of Justice Immigration

In an important decision for a humane and fair immigration system, a judge has ordered the release of a man whom the U.S. State Department is trying to extradite back to the Dominican Republic  even though an immigration board found he would likely be tortured if returned there.

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ACLU, Legal Services Blast Providence Schools and RIDE for Treatment of English Learner Students

Posted: Sep 17, 2019 |Category: Civil Rights Discrimination Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Immigration Students' Rights Youth Rights

A U.S. Department of Justice memo contains a blistering critique of the Providence school district’s treatment of English language learner students, but it also highlights a blatant abuse of the open records law and the state's own failure to protect the rights of these students.

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