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Know Your Rights


Justice De-Investment: The Regrettable Expansion of the Statehouse-To-Prison Pipeline in 2018 (December 2018)
Rhode Island's Statehouse-to-Prison Pipeline: How "Tough-on-Crime" Lawmaking Results in Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration (January 2018)
ISSUE: Criminal Justice
DATE: December 2018 (most recent)

Access STILL Denied: How School Internet Filtering Violates State Law And Hinders Academic Freedom (December 2017)
Access Denied: How Internet Filtering in Schools Harms Public Education (February 2013)
ISSUE: Free Speech, Students' Rights
DATE: December 2017 (most recent)

Beyond Bathrooms: Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Student Policies in Rhode Island
ISSUE: Students' Rights
DATE: June 2017

High School Non-Confidential: How School-Loaned Computers May be Peering Into Your Home
ISSUE: Students' Rights, Privacy
DATE: June 2017

2016 General Election Poll Monitoring Report
ISSUE: Voting Rights
DATE: January 2017

Hidden Agendas: Violations of the Open Meetings Act's Public Notice Requirement
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: February 2016

Oversuspended and Underserved: Rhode Island's School Suspension Disparities in the 2014-2015 School Year
ISSUE: Students' Rights
DATE: November 2015

Suspended Education: The Over-Suspension of Students with Disabilities in Rhode Island
ISSUE: Students' Rights
DATE: June 2015

Final Report 2013-2014 (May 2015)
An Update (March 2014)
Racial Bias in School Suspensions in Rhode Island (June 2013)
ISSUE: Students' Rights, Discrimination
DATE: May 2015 (most recent)

Girls Just Wanna Darn Socks: Rhode Island Public School Support of Gender Stereotyping
ISSUE: Students' Rights, Women's Rights
DATE: March 2015

The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Black and White
ISSUE: Students' Rights, Criminal Justice
DATE: February 2015

Public Access to Police Complaint Forms and Procedures:
An Update (September 2014)
Compliance With the Web-Posting Provisions of the Racial Profiling Prevention Act of 2004 (October 2007)
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: September 2014 (most recent)

Access Limited: An Audit of Compliance with the Rhode Island Public Records Laws
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: September 2014

Knowing and Willful: The Need for Stronger Enforcement of Rhode Island's Public Records Law
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: February 2013

Two Months of Civil Unions: Already Time for a Divorce?
ISSUE: Discrimination
DATE: September 2011

The Legacy of the Indefinite “War on Terror” in Rhode Island: Civil Liberties in the Aftermath of 9/11
ISSUE: Free Speech, Open Government
DATE: September 2011

Inside the School House Gate: The Rhode Island ACLU and Students’ Rights in School
ISSUE: Students' Rights
DATE: December 2009

The Case Against Red Light Cameras
ISSUE: Free Speech, Open Government
DATE: June 2008

The Politics of Division: Carcieri's Record on Civil Liberties During His 2nd Term (December 2007)
Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs in the Governor's Office: Donald Carcieri's First Six Months in Office and His Record on Civil Liberties (August 2003)
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: December 2007 (most recent)

The Public's Right to Know vs. The Public's Right to "No": How Rhode Islanders Access to Government Records Continues to be Thwarted
ISSUE: Open Government
DATE: September 2007

The Persistence of Racial Profiling in RI:
A Call for Action (January 2007)
A Nine-Month Review (November 2005)
An Update (August 2005)
An Analysis and Recommendations (May 2005)
ISSUE: Discrimination
DATE: January 2007 (most recent)

Blurred Vision: A Sober Re-Examination of RI's Drunk Driving "Crisis"
ISSUE: Criminal Justice
DATE: January 2006

Reader's Block: Internet Censorship in RI Public Libraries
ISSUE: Free Speech
DATE: September 2005

Bowdler’s Legacy: Congress, the Supreme Court and Internet Censorship in Rhode Island Public Libraries
ISSUE: Free Speech
DATE: September 2003